Scholars Publishing, LLC at naturescholars.com  publishes Global Journals  below, and provides research consultation, data analysis and other Services  for global scholars. It has recently been eshtablished around Washington DC and Bethesda in Maryland, USA by outstanding scholars who worked at Harvard University and National Institutes of Health (NIH). Our Global Journals are peer-reviewed international journals with broad scope covering all areas of the subjects, including basic, translational and applied researches. They emphasize novel theories, technologies, biomarkers and therapeutic agents, as well as prevention, early detection and treatment of the diseases. Our Editorial Boards are supported by global distinguished scholars. Our aim is to publish scholarly journals with high impact. We are still recruiting editorial members, Articles, and partners of global Institutions, Universities, Hospitals, Companies, Associations and Conference Organizers. Please Contact us.

Global Journal of Animal Sciences and Medicine 
Global Journal of Genetics 
Global Journal of Imaging and Interventional Medicine
Global Journal of Immunology
Global Journal of Life Sciences
Global Journal of Medicine 
Global Journal of Microbiology
Global Journal of Neuroscience
Global Journal of Oncology
Global Journal of Stem Cells

Global Journals of Animal Sciences and Medicine, Genetics, Imaging and Interventional Medicine, Immunology, Life Sciences, Medicine, Microbiology, Neuroscience, Oncology, and Stem Cells… Research consultation, data analysis, advertisement…