Author Instructions

Our Global Journals welcome various types of manuscripts as specified in Aims, and particularly high quality reviews.

Authors should first read the Aims, Authors, Services and Terms. Please pay attention to manuscript types and requirements in Aims and Authors, the copyright and publishing agreement in Terms, and the publication fees in Services.

Manuscript review procedures include initial screening, peer-review, and decisions of acceptance, minor revision, major revision or rejection. Revisions should re-submitted back in a reasonable time. Significant manuscripts will go through an accelerated review process. Accepted final manuscripts will be published soon after receiving publication fee and copyeditting. Our Global Journals are online only and reprints are not provided. Manuscripts are screened for plagiarism and self-plagiarism, and if found they will be rejected for publication or may be retracted from publication.

Before submitting your manuscripts, please prepare the following,

  1. A cover letter
  2. Authors’ institution and contact information
  3. 3-5 suggested reviewers
  4. A manuscript file
  5. An optional supplementary file

A cover letter should explain the study importance and suitability at one of our global journals, containing the 3-6 suggested reviewers, and indicating that all authors have read and agree to all Terms, especially the copyright and publishing agreement.

Please suggest 3-6 potential credible external reviewers with their names, affiliations, phone numbers and email addresses (official institution emails if possible).

Manuscript ID should be generated after the journal name initials (for example, GJO for Global Journal of Oncology), submission date (10022016 for October 2nd, 2016) and the first three letters of the corresponding author’s last name (WAS for Washington), for example, GJO10022016WAS in this case. Cover letter, main text file and supplementary file may be named as manuscript ID-CL, -MT and -SF, respectively.

For initial or revised manuscipt, please submit a single PDF file containing all figures and tables with line numbers, and a separate supplementary PDF file with line numbers if necessary . For a final version of the manuscript, please submit a MS Word file with all highest resolution figures and tables, and a separate supplementary MS Word file with all highest resolution figures and tables if necessary. In addition, the original figures and tables should be submitted at the same time. Final files should be named as manuscript ID-final-MT/FIG1.

Manuscripts should be concise with word limits of 5000 for full length papers and 2500 for short papers. Research manuscripts generally include Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussions, Acknowledgements, Conflict of Interest and References, and optionally Author Biography and Supplemental files. Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals can be found at

Title should be short and in upper case for the first letter of each word. The first page should include article title, authors’ names  (first, middle and last names), institutions, corresponding author’s phone number (and Fax number if possible) and email, abstract (no references), 4-8 keywords and Abbreviations (for example, TSC: tumor stem cell; CAR-T: chemeric antigen receiptor T cell)

Tables and Figures should be consecutively  numbered  as Table 1, Table 2, … Figure 1A and Figure 2A. Supplementary tables and figures should be numbered as Table S1A and Figure S1A…, respectively. Mathematical formulas should be constructed using Microsoft Word. Each supplementary file should be limited to 10MB.

Author’s institutional review board or ethics committee approval should be abtained for investigations involving humans (according to the principles of Declaration of Helsinki and animals (according to the Interdisciplinary Principles and Guidelines for the Use of Animals in Research, Testing, and Education by the New York Academy of Sciences, Ad Hoc Animal Research Committee). Informed Patient Consent should be obtained if the manuscript contains photos or parts of photos of patients. Authors should protect patient’s identities and privacy in the manuscript.

Competing Interests should be declared in a paragraph, such as stock ownership  in a company, commercial grants, board membership, etc. Otherwise, please state “The authors declare that no competing interest exists”.

Author Biography may optionally be added as a paragraph describing first and corresponding authors’ degree, positions, research interests, awards and so on.

References should be consecutively numbered  and cited in the manuscript text by numbers as [1,2,3]. Personal communications, unpublished observations, conference abstracts or papers should not be cited as references.

  1. Journal Paper
    Please use the PubMed format as: [Author surname] [Author initials], [Other author surnames & initials]. [Article title]. [Journal name abbreviation]. [Year]; [Volume]: [First page number]-[Last page number]. Examples:
  • XXX XX, YYY YY, ZZZ ZZ, et al. Title. Glo J Onco. 2016; 8: 222-6.
  • XXX XX, YYY YY, ZZZ ZZ, et al. Title. Glo J Onco. in press.
  • XXX XX, YYY YY, ZZZ ZZ, et al. Title. Glo J Onco. 2007; [Epub ahead of print].

2. Book: XXX XX, YYY YY, ZZZ ZZ, et al. Title. Washington DC, USA: XXX Publishing; 2016.

3. Chapters in Edited Book: XXX XX. Chapter title. In: XXX XX, ed. Book title, 2nd ed. New York: XXX Publishing; 2016: 22-88.

4. Web Site: [Internet] Orgnization: City, Country. Title. Revised 2 October 2016. Full website address. Or, [Internet] XXX XX. Full website address.

5. DOI: The “[pii]” field in any doi should be removed. for example, in doi:00666.2016 [pii] 11.2222/blojonco.00999.2016, “00666.2016 [pii]” should be removed.