Editorial board, Global Journal of Immunology


To be appointed.

Executive Editor-in-Chief

Jingang Gui, PhD
Capital Medical University
Beijing, China


Yongli Guo, MD,PhD
Associate Professor
Capital Medical University
Beijing, China

Zhaofeng Huang, PhD 
Associate Professor 
Sun Yat-sen University 
Guangzhou, China

Yu Sun, Ph.D.
Professor and Principal Investigator
Expert of National 1000-Talents Program of China
Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences
Chinese Academy of Sciences
Shanghai, China

Jieqiong Tan, PhD
Assistant Professor
The State Key Laboratory of Medical Genetics
Central South University
Changsha, China
Ji-Fu Wei, PhD 
Nanjing Medical University 
Nanjing, China 

Zhengde Xie, MD
Professor and Associate Chief Physician
Capital Medical University
Beijing, China

Honghong Yue, MD
Associate Chief Physician
Department of Allergy
General Hospital of Chinese People's Armed Police Forces
Beijing, China
Jie Zhang, MD,PhD 
Chief Physicion and Associate Professor 
Capital Medical University 

Rui Zhang, MD,PhD
Associate Professor and Associate Chief Physician
Capital Medical University 


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