Editorial Board, Global Journal of Oncology


To be appointed.

Executive Editor-in-Chief

Yonglei Liu, PhD
Executive Editor-in-Chief
Director of Editorial Office
Global Journal of Oncology

Deputy Editor-in-Chief

Haiping Zhao, MD, MBA
President, Professor and Chief Physician
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Tumor Hospital
Inner Mongolia Medical University
Hohhot, China

Rapid Rehabilitation Group and 
Hepatobiliary Surgery Branch
Abdominal Tumor Committee
Medicine and Pharmacology Education Association of China

Hepatobiliary Pancreas Spleen Surgeon Committee
Committee Member of The Second Council
Inner Mongolia Medical Doctors Association

Vice Chairman
Liver Metastasis Group 
Colorectal Committee 
China Medical Doctors Association

Standing Committee Member
Pancratic Cancer Group
Tumor prevention and Treatment Expert Committee
Medicine Pharmocology and Health Exchange      
  Association Across the Taiwan Straits

Standing Committee Member
Health and Science Popularization Branch and
  Pancreas Diseases Branch
International Exchange and Promotive Association  
  for Medical and Health Care

Standing Committee Member
Minimally Invasive Surgery Committee
China Research Hospitals Association

Inner Mongolia Center
China Cancer League

Surgery Committee
Standing Committee Member
Vascular Surgery Group
Standing Committee Member of The Fifth Council
Inner Mongolia Medical Association


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